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Back to School Savings

Going to school can be expensive, and whether you’re shopping for your kids or for yourself it can be a challenge to get everything you need and stay within your budget. If you’re already dreading the battle of making ends meet, here are some tips to help you save when you’re trying to gear up the gang to head back to school!

Make lists. If you’re shopping for kids, keep a list of everyone’s sizes in everything from shoes to gloves. That way if you come across something on sale you won’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit or not. Do the same thing for supplies; if you go through 20 notebooks a year make a note of it so you know to buy that many when they hit a big discount price.

Think ahead. Buy mittens and hats at the end of winter when they go on clearance, and swimming gear in the fall when they go out of season. The same thing goes for sporting equipment; if you have an athlete in the family look for deals at the end of the season, not just the beginning.

Shop smart. Download the Groupon app and check for deals before you shop. Thousands of merchants have joined the site, and you’ll find great coupon and discount codes for stores such as Bloomingdales before you leave home!

¬†Use the buddy system. Exchange sizes and needs with your friends, and have them keep an eye out for what you need while … Read More . . .